So, ever since I got a part-time student aide job where the majority of what I do is sit and wait until people need my help, I’ve picked back up my interest in reading. When I was younger, however, I was certain that I didn’t like to read, but when I got older I realized that I was just too lazy to read and that I actually do enjoy it. What types of books I like to read and in what genre is another blog post for another blog.

Anyway, I recently I decided (and this decision was, admittingly, greatly influenced by Scott Hanselman’s blog post) that it would be a really good idea to get a Kindle. A Kindle would make it easier and somewhat cheaper to read books and eliminate the lazy factor with having to actually go and get a physical book. I will miss having an actual book in my hands, but on the other hand I’m a total tech nerd and I would be excited to have millions of books at my disposal with a device that’s hardly bigger than my hand.

But what about an iPad? Aren’t iPad’s coolier? Couldn’t I accomplish this with an iPad with Apple’s iBook Store? Wouldn’t I get more out of an iPad too?

The answer to all those questions is yes, but the fact of the matter is that iPad’s are about $500 and I don’t have that kind of money… I honestly don’t really want an iPad, anyway. I already have an iPhone that accomplishes the same basic things. Yes, the screen may be smaller, but I also have a laptop and can just use that for bigger things. My only purpose for an iPad would be for development, but I digress.

Ok. So, I want a Kindle… Cool… But which one do I want?

There is an almost overwhelming amount of choices and sub-choices which have rattled my brain for almost a week now. For one thing, you can get Kindles cheaper if you allow them to show “Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers” (ads) or you can pay more (sometimes a lot more) to get a Kindle with no ads. I’m ok with these ads as long as they don’t show up while I’m reading, and they don’t so that’s one stipulation out of the way.

The next is a choice between the standard Kindle, the Kindle Touch, or the Kindle Keyboard.

I’d prefer to have a touch screen and I really could care less about having a keyboard (I’m reading anyway so what do I need to type?). So, the Kindle Touch is the obvious answer here.

But. Now do I want the Wi-Fi version or the 3G version?

To me, the 3G version would not even be a possibility if it required some expensive data plan to go with it, but this is not the case. Amazon picks up the tab here for the 3G data which makes it more appealing to me. However, if you look through the “fine print” –so to speak– of the 3G version you’ll notice that it says, “Your Kindle may use wireless connectivity to make other services available, such as wireless delivery of personal documents…” In a round about way, this implies that you will likely not be able to browse the web over 3G. This is rather unfortunate but I suppose it all makes sense. I wouldn’t want be the one paying the 3G data bills of millions of customers browsing the internet.

Please note, though, that this is speculation on my part and I could be entirely wrong here by saying that you can’t browse the web over 3G on their new Kindle Touches that come out November 21, 2011. Until it officially comes out we won’t know for sure. Let’s just go under the assumption that you can’t browse the web over 3G and continue on:

So, if I’m only allowed to use the 3G to download books and other similar tasks, then there is no use spending more on it and I’m better off with the Wi-Fi version of the Kindle Touch. For the most part I always have Wi-Fi wherever I go, anyway. My house, my school/work, and my church all have Wi-Fi so I’m basically set (I don’t use Wi-Fi at my church during services, though. I’m just saying!!). The Kindle Touch with Wi-Fi (with ads) is $100 and the 3G + Wi-Fi version (with ads) is $150 so I just saved $50!

Hooray I’ve chosen a Kindle and now can buy it and move on with my life!

Oh, wait what’s this…


What do I need a Kindle Fire for? All I really want to do is read books…

But wait, it’s only $200 and that’s actually only $100 more than the Kindle Touch I want and $300 cheaper than the iPad!!


Ok… I’ll bite… What else does it do?

Oh, well aside from actually being an e-reader, it also allows you to stream video from Amazon Instant Videos and Netflix. The OS is Android based which means one way or another I could also stream YouTube (whether through an app or the web browser). It boasts an impressive new Cloud-Accelerated Web Browser called, Amazon Silk. It has a dual-core processor making it fast and easy to multitask. You can download lot’s of other apps and games for it. AND IT’S IN COLOR (the other Kindle’s are not)!!

Well shoot, I’m sold!!

There are some more features I didn’t list but you can go look at them yourself.


I sought out looking for a decent e-reader and stumbled upon a wonderful and rather inexpensive tablet which is also an excellent e-reader!! I mean literally it’ll give me what I was looking for and more and, in my opinion, at a very reasonable price. Now, it’ll all depend financially, but I doubt I’ll get the Kindle Fire right after the launch on November 15, 2011. It’ll probably be an early Christmas present for myself or for someone else to get me (*cough*family/friends reading this blog*cough*).

I watch a lot of shows and videos in general online through both YouTube and Netflix (what’s cable TV?) and have grown tired of sitting at my desk and watching them. I can sit on my bed with my laptop, but that can become uncomfortable after awhile with my cooling pad (so as not to overheat my laptop which is a separate issue in and of itself). I can watch Netflix through our Wii but not YouTube. Even so, other family members occupy the TV the Wii is plugged into often so it’s easier to just watch these things in my room. A tablet (THAT IS NOT A $500 IPAD) would be perfect for this and for so much more!

So, overall I am quite pleased with what I see in the Kindle Fire. My expectation may be a little high for a product that isn’t currently out, though. I’ll do more research and read some reviews when they come out, but honestly I’ve pretty much made my decision to get one.

I realize this whole blog sounds like a sponsorship from Amazon, but believe me it‘s not. However, it could be:

Dear Amazon,

I plugged all of your Kindle products in one blog post which also included many links back to your website. You may thank me by sending me a free Kindle Fire.


David Griffin